Tuesday, December 28, 2004

good morning

Gas prices fell for the 8th week in a row. At the Fuel Zone up the street, it's $1. 65 which is much less than it was a few months ago. I was surprised that they didn't jack the price up for the holidays. Because they usually do. :-/

Watching the morning news. Waiting for Katie & Matt to come on so I can find out what is going on around the country/world. I imagine that the tsunami will be on the top of their list of things to talk about. That's a really sad situation. I've been reading about it online. I can't even begin to imagine so I won't even go there.

It's the end of the year and they are showing the year end rundowns about stuff. The top 10 news stories, videos, etc. etc. I read somewhere that one of the top stories of the year was the U.S. election. I'm guessing this was the in the top 10 stories for the United States but I'm not clear on that. Lance Armstrong is the AP athlete of the year and President Bush is Time's man of the year. Wasn't he the man of the year last year or the year before? I thought he shared the title with someone else in the recent past or is that his father I am thinking of?

Elizabeth got up at 3 am this morning. She come walking into our room crying and calling us both. We put her bed with us but she was restless and feverish so I got up to get her something to drink and some medicine and when I came back, Chris was up getting dressed to go hunting today. Elizabeth and I ended up watching Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets. I love that movie. I don't sit and watch complete movies very often but I did this morning and I enjoyed it. The other night we watched Never Die Alone with DMX. Watched it twice. That's a pretty good movie. Got the movie The Alamo too which we both thought sucked. Chris was a little pissed because they put the best parts of the movie in the trailers and he said if he had known it was that bad, he'd have picked out something different for us. Apparently he got those so that I would watch with him and when he put in The Alamo, after about half an hour, I got up and went to put clothes away.

He got home at a decent hour last night. We had supper and played with the kids. Elizabeth sent much of the day yesterday by herself. By her own choice. She kept going into her room and laying down. We'd go talk to her and she'd talk to us and then tell us to "go away". She'd come out, whenever she got bored being by herself I guess. Right now, she's laying on the couch watching The Today Show.

There is still a lot of snow around. By tomorrow, I think it will be gone because the temperature is supposed to get into the 50's and then 60's the rest of the week, until Saturday at least. That's as far as the forecast went.

I am so tired. When she takes a nap today, I'm going to have to take one as well. For now though, I'm going to go do something productive.

Until next time~


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