Tuesday, December 14, 2004

this is reality calling...

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If I could be serious for a brief moment... *ahem* I'm in such a good mood. But I don't know why. It is 1:40 in the morning. I am still awake. I think I may be going crazy. Not actually crazy crazy... just insomnia sucks big time.

Chris is asleep. He went to bed at *thinks* 9:30. Said he had a headache. I think he was just tired of listening to me laugh... I was hyper. And everything was funny. We made goodie bags for Nick's class for the party on Thursday. 28 of them. Lots of candy. The teacher is going to hate us. I don't care though. I told Chris she should have asked us to send potato chips or paper plates instead of candy.

We went to see his dad tonight. Took the kids over there and they had a blast. Dad was happy to see them. We really should go over there more often. It's just everyone is always so busy. *sigh*

Finished my Christmas shopping on Friday. This is the first time in eight years that I won't be doing the last minute rush for presents. I am so proud of myself. And even prouder that I didn't skip paying any bills to be able to Christmas shop. And very very very times infinity grateful that this year they gave out Christmas bonuses.

Rearranged part of my living room today. And Nick's bedroom. Elizabeth actually went to sleep in her bed tonight. That was nothing if not amazing; since for the past couple of weeks she has refused, hands down, to sleep in her own bed. She usually tries to sneak in with us after she thinks we've gone to sleep. There's a problem or two with that. First, when she tries to be quiet she sounds like a herd of stampeding buffalo running through the house. And second, she climbs in bed with us by attempting to climb over me. Which usually means she plants her knee somewhere in my kidney area. And then she kicks. She's a restless sleeper. I don't get much sleep so I'm cranky the next day and it's just not a win win situation for anyone. But I hate to put her out because she seemed genuinely frightened about sleeping in her bed. Tonight though she didn't give me any trouble. Children should come with instruction books.

Ok well then, with that having been said, I am now going to go away.

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