Monday, January 10, 2005

a really long weekend

This seriously seemed like the longest weekend I have ever faced. *sigh*

Friday afternoon: I had to call Chris and ask him to come home early. My last entry mentioned my back hurting and after I got off the computer and stood up, I almost passed out. My back was sending sharp, shooting pains up my spine and my chest was hurting. It would ease off whenever I would lay down and standing up was almost an impossibility. So I called Chris. And he came home and took care of me. Which was really sweet of him. Over the next six hours, I took enough drugs to kill a normal person and finally it eased off enough that I could move around. The kids went to Janet's. Chris and I went to Etown for a little while. To Channing's. Practically everybody was there and that was some of the best venison I have ever had. *I hurt Chris' feelings too... :-/ Because I never really like it when he cooks it but Channing and Mr. David made some and it was like really really good. And I told them it was and on the way home, I said something else about it to Chris and he was kind of quiet. At which point I realized that I probably hurt his feelings. :-o* Picked up the kids, came home. To a dozen messages on my voicemail.

Message 1: From my mother. We have Katy.

Message 2: From Gina: Call me in the morning. 609-xxxx. They admitted Codi to the hospital. She has pneumonia.

Message 3: Gina again. Didn't she ask me to call her in the morning? I tried to call your cell phone but I got a recording that said you weren't accepting calls. Codi is in the hospital. I do believe that I got that the first time. And she had dialed a wrong number.

Message 4: my mother again: Codi is in the hospital. Do we think I have that message by now? We have Katy.

It goes on like that for a few more messages with messages from Paul (Chris' boss) and Tony (Chris' friend), both of whom were calling to see if I was ok. So I call mama back to see if she wants me to pick up Katy (even though it's super late) and she's all like no I just wanted to tell you. We will keep her tonight and tomorrow. Ok, no problem there.

Saturday: Chris gets up and goes to Holden Beach to do some work on a condo for this guy. I wake up to my phone ringing. It's ummmm, I think it was my sister first. At home taking a shower and she called to tell me about Codi. And then my mother called while I was talking to Gina and asked if they could come pick up a playmate for Katy. So I said sure and had Nick pack up some toys for them to take over there. Finished my conversation with Gina. Jimmy came by for a gun that Chris was supposed to have left in the truck for him but forgot to do. I called Chris for a minute to find out where the gun was because Jimmy was grating my nerves and he told me it was in the truck he was driving. That's real helpful. Jimmy leaves. My parents show up while I am on the phone with Christian. I manage to finish my conversation and I talk with my parents. Katy is looking like she wants to cry and she sits in my lap and hugs up on me. Mama tells me that when they pulled up in the driveway Katy was already unbuckling her seatbelt. Daddy asked her where she thought she was going and she said "To see my aunt marie" My uncle was with them. He's always with them and he drives me insane and I can't stand him. He inquires as to Chris' whereabouts and I tell him that Chris is working which prompts my dad to say that Chris is going to get in trouble with the board for doing side work. *eye rolling moment here* I tell him that Chris is working off of Tony's license and he says: "Oh well that's ok then. What I wanted to say was: Is it any of your business? We have a few more of those moments upcoming. They collect my youngest child and they all depart. Thank God and the goddesses and the dolphins in the deep blue sea.

After they leave, Nicholas (who was very glad to not have to go with them by the way) was looking all sad and bored. So I told him to call over to Dylan's house and see if Dylan could come play. This is what he did instead:

dials number. Hello Aunt Dawn, my mom and I were wondering if I could come over and play with Dylan. :-o Ummmm no child, *snatches phone* Hello Dawn. This is Marie. I was wanting to know if Dylan could come over here and play with Nicholas. That child never ceases to amaze He ended up going over there and I went to the hospital to see Codi. My sister was up there with her; Shawn had gone home for a little while. Gina was having a nervous breakdown because Codi was cranky and wanting to get out of the hospital crib and couldn't. They had her hooked up to a bunch of different monitors and they had her on oxygen. The room was small. The nurses weren't communicating. Gina was at a breaking point. She fussed at Shawn when he came back to the hospital and she was just being a bitch. Really. So I said bye to him and went downstairs with her and told her she needed to chill out because he was just as worried, just as stressed as she was about Codi.

Left the hospital. Called my parents with the intention of going to get Elizabeth and my mom tells me they were hoping that Elizabeth could spend the night. *shock* Elizabeth is 2 and a half years old. This is the first time she has ever spent the night at grandma and grandpa's. So I say ok, that's fine and I go get Nick. Come home and wait for Chris. We go get something to eat and come home after he gets back for Holden Beach. Fall into bed and pass out.

Sunday: I oversleep by about an hour and a half. Had set the alarm for 7 in the hopes of having coffee and having plenty of time to drive out to my parents' house. Wanted to be there by 9. Didn't make it until almost 10. That is probably the quickest shower I have had in a really long Didn't get a chance to have coffee before I left so I got mama to make some when I got there. Daddy was picking on me because he said since I was there, he would get to have regular coffee and not the decaf she's been making him drink. My back was killing me again. He sent me home with a bottle of Tylenol Arthritis and told me to take one in the morning and one in the evenign and it would help. According to them the girls were as good as gold and they went to bed at 8. Gina and I were talking today and we decided we need to send them both out there for a couple of that 8:00 bedtime sounds good and they won't do that for us. Mama and Daddy minded my business for me, like they are so good at doing. Asking me when I was going to finish school and if we were going to move and yadda yadda yadda and telling me that we needed to move because we've about outgrown this place. Yes I know. Shut up already.

Brought the kids back to my house. Chris and Nick were up by the time we got back. Ricky called and got Chris to ride with him to Sampson County. While they were gone, Gina called and told me that the doctor let them bring Codi home. Gave them a crash course in breathing treatments and let them go. Which was a good thing to hear. She came out to get Katy. Stayed for a few minutes and then went home.

And then today: I slept in with Elizabeth after getting Chris off to work and Nick off to school. Woke up and called Gina to check on Codi. Missed a phone call from April but that wasn't a big deal. Will call her tomorrow. Talked to Sharon. Picked Nick up from school since he had battle of the books today. Came home, made Chris dinner because he had to go to Etown to collect some money and to see a man about a job. Went to Wal-Mart to buy a phone card and came home. That's about it. Chris got home, watched a movie, and went to bed and the kids are in bed. I am online because I am a freaking moron and think that sleep is highly overrated.

I should probably go to bed. Before today turns into

Until next time~

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