Wednesday, January 19, 2005

it's too cold to snow

The weatherguy said it was going to snow today. :-o I have news for him. It is way too freaking cold to snow. Any moisture that falls from the sky today is going to be ice. Sleet. Not fluffly little snowflakes. They are predicting snow again for Saturday night/Sunday. The temperature will be conducive to snow then. Mid 30's low 40's. People think I'm crazy when I say it's too cold to snow. The temperature has to be just right. A few degrees one way and you get sleet, a few degrees the other and it's just rain. *sigh*

Personally I don't think they know the weather until after the fact. I told Chris that's when they do their best reporting. "Today the high was 45 and it rained." ~Even though we predicted temps in the 80's with lots of sunshine. 8-

Has anyone seen that car commercial where the guy is driving through all sorts of funky weather and when he's climbing the steps to the building he gets hit with a snowball by a young guy in a tshirt? I find that commercial funny for some reason. The guy climbing the steps is the weatherman and apparently he's been wrong just one too many times.

I watched like an hour and a half of American Idol last night. Chris got finished watching a hunting video and he was flipping through the channels when we came across it. It was definitely my comic relief for the night. That last girl on there, Mary Roach, oh my stars, what was she thinking? All I am going to say is that she could have benefitted from a few sessions with a therapist. She was.... way out there is the only way I can describe her nicely. They had some ok people on there and some people that were so bad you just had to sit there with your jaw hanging open. And that cute rocker boy... *drools* I'm not sure who looked better though, him or the drummer from his rock band that they showed when he announced to the band that he was going to Hollywood. The drummer was... ummmm... yeah... fine as hell but that's just my opinion. Chris was laughing at me. :$

Her Royal Highness just walked back into the room. She's trying to climb up on my lap as I type this. She hasn't been talking much today. Alternating between running around and coming to snuggle. I like the snuggles.

La-dee-da... lol... I have so much to do. I really don't want to do it though. :-/

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