Wednesday, February 23, 2005

a diagnosis of sorts

The doctor called this afternoon and told me my lab work had come in.

My thyroid is apparently working properly. Which is a good thing.

I am diabetic. She wants me to come in for more tests and she's going to get me on meds although she didn't say what.

She thinks the heart thing is directly connected to the diabetes. Unregulated blood sugar causes your blood pressure to rise and your heart rate to speed up. The "fluttering" is my heart trying to slow itself down when it starts beating too fast. The medication should help. And if my blood pressure continues to stay up after they get my blood sugar under control then she'll see about doing something with it as far as meds go.

That actually explains a lot. The shaking, the extreme tiredness, the constantly being hungry (and Gina thought I might have gotten pregnant again.), the headaches.

I hope she's on the right track. I really don't like worrying. *sigh*

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