Saturday, February 26, 2005


I have this annoying habit of not really watching tv when it's on. But I do watch the commercials. I should go into advertising because I can could come up with better commercials than some of the ones I've seen lately. Although some of them are cute.

Pringles Snack Pack: There's one left and the kids are "bidding" on it. The mom is like the auctioneer and they are offering up what they will do for the pringles snack pack. The little girl wins with the offer of "balancing the checkbook and watering the ficus". Mom says "sold to the lady with the ficus" and the little boy is all like "what is a ficus?". Nick asked me that too. I had to look it up and I'm still not sure I'm spelling it I like this commercial.

Burger King: For the spicy big fish sandwich. If you've seen it, you'll know right away what I'm talking Sharon says it borders on indecent. I, however, can see guys having that reaction over that girl... I sort of like this commerical too.

Any of the Suncom commercials: They suck. Harry Connick Jr seems to be the new spokesperson and really, they could have gotten someone better. I don't like this one.

The Subway commercials with Jared: Ok, props to him for losing all that weight. I'm really happy for him. Truly I am. But I am so tired of seeing the commercials that he's in. Seriously, they get old after awhile.

There's an ad they are playing on the radio for Cingular that just cracks me up. The conversation between the dad and the college daughter.

Dad: It's my $19,000 a semester daughter.
Daughter: Aw dad, we have Cingular's family talk national plan.
Dad: $4000 for economics. Let me break it down for you. Dad is going to the poor house.
Daughter: But dad, with Cingular's family talk national plan we can talk to any other Cingular customer in the United States for free.
Dad: Free. That's a word I don't hear enough of.
So she repeats what she said.
Dad: You already said that. $2000 for poety. Here's a haiku for you.
Your college education
My financial situation
Oh I am so broke...

The last part is what cracks me up every time.

And yes, I am bored. Or else I wouldn't be dissecting commercials... :-o

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