Saturday, February 19, 2005

Friday's doctor's appointment

If I somehow got stuck on your updated list, I am very very one million times very sorry. That's too many to write out. I started an entry on Saturday and couldn't finish it. So I'm finishing it today 2/22/05.

This will probably be short and I promise to update properly later.
I had my doctor's appointment on Friday and they told me NOTHING! Nothing useful anyways. She listened to my heart, said it was fast (duh!). Hooked me up to yet another EKG and told me it was in a normal rhythm, just beating fast. And my blood pressure is high. But they can't/won't do anything about it until they get more readings and she said they have to be done 10 to 14 days apart, so I go back on March 4th. She wasn't concerned with the headaches on Friday, or the fact that my back hurts so bad, I can't sit up or lay down for long periods of time. Do you know how annoying that is??? She was more concerned with the heart beat thing and I guess if I have to prioritize it, so was I. She basically told me to not stress about it and then they took enough blood from me that they could probably open their own bank with It seemed that way at least. She said they were going to check my thyroid and some other stuff. Blood calcium and lipids and something else.

By the way, did I mention that I despise needles? Absolutely hate them and so that was very unpleasant. *sigh* The lab woman got annoyed with me I think because I made a comment about her id badge. Apparently she used to work for the doctor's office, but now she works for Spectra Labs... or vice versa. Anyways, her doctor's office id badge has her name on it and then under it, it says "Director of Baked Goods". So I asked her about it because I was curious. And she showed me her old badge, the one that has a really outdated picture of her... where she was like, (and I am not making this up) at least 400 pounds. The woman standing in front me with the same face probably weighs 130, 140 tops. She's lost a lot of weight. So apparently her colleagues thought it would be cool to make her a badge with her updated picture on it. I guess I made one of those shocked faces because she told me she was on the atkins diet. And then turned her id badge over so no one could see it.

Really, I did not mean to embarrass the woman. I think it's really cool that she's lost that much weight. She's a pretty woman too. Before and after. Oh, and the director of baked goods part came about because she said she loved to bake but now she can't eat any of it, so she brings it to work and feeds it to everyone there.

Yeah, so $400 later, I still don't know what is wrong with me. Dr. Robertson asked me if I was under a lot of stress. I just laughed at her. She seems to think that anxiety/stress is a large part of my problem.

Met Chris for lunch in Dunn after his eye appointment. He has perfect vision. So he was a bit irritated about the whole deal. But at least he knows that he has perfect vision now and his headaches are coming from somewhere else. (I'd say I'm the cause of Ummmm... yeah. Putting up with me on a daily basis is enough to give anyone a headache.

We had lunch, I came back and picked up Elizabeth. Chris was supposed to go around to the gun shops in Dunn to look around, but when I got home he was here, loading the truck up to haul a bunch of stuff to Elizabethtown. He was going to do it on Saturday but instead did it Friday night because he got really angry with Nick and I made him leave. That's a whole different entry right there though.

Will finish this later. Well actually, will write about the weekend later. Right now, I've got to start supper before my children protest. Or Nick finds the breaker for the

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