Sunday, February 13, 2005

I am procrastinating

Moments of randomness to follow

Chris, Nick and Elizabeth are watching The Hunted. They had a timberwolf on there and Chris told her what it was and she started repeating him. It's cute.

They (Nick and Elizabeth) spent the night with James and Sharon last night. We picked them up today and Sharon said they were really good. Elizabeth actually talked to James which is unusual. Normally she just looks at him like he's from outer space. Nick and Jamie had a couple of spats but being boys that is expected. Overall they were good though so I was grateful. We hung out for about an hour or so and then we left and came home.

I dropped them off over there yesterday and came back and picked up Chris. We went up to the hospital to see my grandma. I wanted to cry. She's so frail looking and when she fell, she bruised up her arm and chest and she looks really bad. They (the doctors) are saying that no she didn't have a stroke. They "think" that her blood sugar level bottomed out which made her pass out. They are keeping her until Monday for observation and they are doing more tests and stuff on her. She's 84 though so I guess calls like that should be expected. My mother could be a little less alarming though. She called and said that we needed to get up there asap because it seemed really bad and they thought she was going to die. *sigh* I have really fond memories of my grandma. Seeing her like she is now is really really difficult because I remember so vividly how she was before. Stuff like when we were kids and she chased Kevin around the house and the yard with the broom in her hands threatening to wallop him for stealing cornbread from the fridge. Or the time we spent the night and my sister and my cousin cut a hole in the waterbed. They found a knife of my uncle's and in trying to get it to close after they opened it, they pushed it against the bed and water was going everywhere. I freaked out because, hey, they were flooding the room and my grandma comes out of her room.... Takes a look around and turns around and calmly goes back to bed. It wasn't funny at the time but now thinking about it, it is hilarious. Here the room is starting to flood and she goes back to sleep. Wasn't her room... lol.

*sigh* You can't talk to her now because she doesn't remember anyone or much of anything. Alzheimer's is robbing her of what is left with her life. And it makes me incredibly sad. We stayed at the hospital for awhile and then we left.

Chris took me to Wilmington/Carolina Beach last night. We originally went to Clinton with the intentions of eating dinner but everything was packed. Finally, he starts driving and I'm watching the scenery and he tells me we are going to the beach. I thought he was joking but he wasn't. We went to Mamma Mia's on the beach and had dinner. Which was oh so good. And then we went and walked on the beach. And then we drove home. That's the second time in a week we've ended up at the beach. Last Sunday, we went to Elizabethtown to feed the dogs and then to Whiteville. I bought him a watch. And then we started driving and we ended up in Myrtle That trip we had the kids with us, which I do not recommend. Elizabeth eventually got tired of riding and started acting up. But we still had a good time. We walked on the beach and then drove to Holden Beach. Nicholas and I picked up seashells and I called my sister because Chris told me to call her and let her listen to the ocean.... Last night, it was just me and Chris and we had a really nice time. It was a wonderful way to just kind of get away for a few hours. After all the stress of the week and particularly of the day.

He finished that house in Dublin yesterday. YAY!!! That house was starting to drive us all crazy.

Today we cleaned up some in the yard and he burnt a lot of stuff that's been piling up. He's slowly working on cleaning up the yard which has been somewhat neglected because he's been so busy. He cooked dinner tonight too. Should I be worried? ;) I was taking a nap and so was Elizabeth and he came in and decided he was hungry so he cooked. I still have to clean up the kitchen. Oh, and finish the laundry that I started. It is supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow which is a good thing because we could use it. Not a lot, just a little bit.

Nicholas finished his project. I just have to finish typing it. That's what I'm procrastinating about. I need to get it done though. Like now probably would be a good He did his valentine's cards too. Bought a bag of candy for him to take to school to give out with his cards.

Type the report... I know I know... I'm going ;D

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