Monday, February 28, 2005

sleep and more sleep

That's what I did for most of yesterday. Sleep and then I slept some more. And then I went to bed early. :-o I may have caught up on my sleep

Had to argue with Nick to get him to finish his story. He didn't like the prompt so he didn't want to write the piece. He finally did though.

Chris had a lazy day yesterday. Watched the race and a couple of movies. Asked him to go to the store and he "I don't want to go anywhere." So I went.

Cleaned Nick's room which took forever. I didn't realize one child could make such a mess. :-/ My front room is full of stuff now that needs to be hauled off.

Haven't heard a word from my parents. They are probably pissed off with me because I didn't make it up to Dunn to see my grandma. I plan to go today sometime to see her.

Elizabeth is still sleeping. I think I may join her for a little while.

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