Tuesday, March 1, 2005

it gives me something to think about

The sound of a screaming crying tantrum throwing 2 year old is enough to make one want to pull at her hair. I've resisted the urge however, because I'm afraid I'll pull it out and then it will never grow back. Simply because that's how my luck works...lol. Elizabeth is in dire need of a nap. Or a spanking. :-/ She is pitching a fit because she is not allowed to go outside and play. The reason she is not allowed to go outside and play is because it is 34 degrees outside. And the wind is blowing. Last time I saw the weather it was like a 20 mph wind. Which means it's really freaking cold. But oh no! You can not explain that to a child who has no concept of a)weather and b)the world past her own nose. She wants to go outside and she wants to go outside now! Foot stomping didn't work. So she laid down on the floor and proceeded to cry and hit the floor. When she realized that I was ignoring her little tantrum, she decided it wasn't worth it and so she stopped. *must make mental note of this... ignoring seems to work*

Nick said his writing prompt was an imaginative one and he thinks he did pretty good on it. I have no idea when they will get their scores back but I imagine it will be awhile. All of the 4th and 7th grades took the test and it has to be read and graded by two different people. He did his homework without me fussing, which is a mini-miracle. And now he's curled up on the couch reading a book.

I have been very productive today. Yay! ;D Still have a few things I need to do but the day isn't over yet. So I've still got some time.

I think I will go hunt down some tylenol. My head is pounding like there is a tiny man with a hammer inside of it. :'(

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