Thursday, March 3, 2005

missing spoons

I have one child who is playing outside. And every now and then the other child will venture out the door and he will yell at her to "go put your shoes on." Apparently, my daughter dislikes shoes a great deal and will shuck them off her feet whenever she feels like it. Seeing as it's only 40 degrees outside, no shoes is not a good thing but she's stubborn (reminds me of her daddy) :P, and she won't put them back on. It's actually funny to listen to though.

She had applesauce for a snack and when I asked her what she did with the spoon, she opened her mouth, pointed into it, and said: "I ate it." :-o So I asked her again what she did with the spoon and she keeps telling me she ate it. I know she didn't eat the spoon but it is

Fascination with stick margarine is the order of the day. Elizabeth, for some reason, thinks it's candy and she keeps taking it out and trying to eat it. How do you explain to a 2 year old that it's not candy but something to be used in cooking? She hasn't grasped the concept yet. :-/

The teachers sent home a 20 page test practice booklet for math benchmark testing. The test is next Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. The booklet was hard. Yes, I helped him with it. It was easier to sit down and watch him do it, answering questions along the way, than it would have been to let him do it and then check it and have to argue with him over the answers. Because you have to prove to him that something is one way or another if your answer is different than his. He likes to think he is right all the time. *sigh*

And they sent home a poetry project that is due next Thursday. They've already done most of it; now they have to make it "pretty" and put it in book form. He's got some really good poems in there too. Especially the one about Mattie. ;D or should that be :-/?

I'm off to finish the kitchen. I think that's what I'm going to do. Finish the kitchen and try to finish my book. Or something like that.

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