Tuesday, March 1, 2005

the wind is blowing

Watching/listening to the Today show. Elizabeth is sleeping. I am not surprised. I woke up at midnight and she was in our room, sleeping, standing up with her head laying on my back. :-o I moved her onto the bed and she kicked me so I came out to the living room and ended up not going back to sleep until about 5. Had a conversation with Christian. At around 2, Elizabeth gets back up and comes into the living room and proceeds to fall asleep on my shoulder while I'm on the phone... which was cuddly. I talked to Christian until about 4:30. It was a good conversation until the very end when I started crying and hung up on him. :-/ We were discussing something and it made me cry and he was all like "Please don't cry. I don't think I can stand it." so I hung up on him. And when I came online this morning he had left me an instant message that said: I didn't mean for you to hang up. I just didn't want you to cry. I hate it when you cry. It makes me feel helpless." For some reason that made me laugh because helpless is the last word I would use to describe Christian.

I just walked into Nick's room and wanted to scream. We spent hours... HOURS in there on Sunday cleaning it and you would think that he would have attempted to keep it clean but no.... 8- It looks like it would qualify for FEMA assistance right now.

He has his writing test today. I got up early (after very little sleep) and made everybody breakfast. And coffee... I haven't had coffee in 2 weeks. That was so very difficult too I'll have you know. But I finally got my coffee fix (bought a sugar substitute and learned that one of them little packets is more than enough for coffee... lol)

I have a whole list of things I would like to accomplish today. If I'm lucky I'll get some of it done. If I'm really lucky, I'll get all of it done. That would be nice.

I guess I'd have better luck getting it done, if I'd leave the computer. :$

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