Monday, April 25, 2005


Talking to Chris on the phone. He's in Elizabethtown tonight because Shane called him and told him that the dogs were fighting with each other and 86 and one of the new dogs was almost dead. Turns out that they weren't almost dead (which is good) but one of the other dogs is being a bully so he was dispatched with a quickness. I don't want to know what exactly was meant by "dispatched", but I have a guess.

The kids are annoying me. Told them to go to bed and they keep finding excuses to get up. I'm one step away from silently screaming.

Made chili for dinner but not sure why because I ended up being the only one who ate it. I'm sure Chris will when he gets home but the kids both said it was too hot. So they ate something different and everyone was moderately happy.

Chris is still yapping about the dogs. I wonder how long it will take for me not to respond before he realizes that I'm not really listening? Oh, I think he got

Tired. Ready for bed. Got things to do before I can go. Not really sure what the point of this entry was....

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