Saturday, April 2, 2005

screaming out loud

The morning started with Chris getting up and informing of a)it's really pouring outside, b)you have to go ahead and get up because all of the kids are already up (it was only 6 am. I wanted to sleep a little while longer. For the love of all things holy, it's Saturday!!! :'() and c)I don't know what time I'll be home. :'( :'( He had to work today and he was not happy about it especially since it was storming outside. So I drag my very unhappy self out of bed and proceed to take medicine, do every morning routine stuff, throw laundry in the washer, and put on a pot of coffee. And then I made breakfast for six. I'm really grateful I don't have to do that on an everyday basis. Because it's difficult especially when everyone wants something different. :-/ I finally had enough with the breakfast orders, informed them that this wasn't the Waffle House or IHOP and gave them three very basic choices: cereal, eggs or cinnamon toast. At 6:15 am I don't function well enough to do a four course breakfast and fresh squeezed juice. At 6:15 am people are lucky that I'm lucid enough to not bite someone's head off. At 6:15 am I'm not a nice person! ;D At least if I haven't had that cup of coffee yet.

So with breakfast done and out of the way, I decided to do dishes while I watched it pour rain outside and I listened to all of those children argue about whether or not they wanted to a)watch a movie, b)play a video game or c) rip the house down around my head. :-o Elizabeth and Emily voted for ripped the house down while the boys decided they wanted to watch a movie. I couldn't say much about it because it was raining and they couldn't get outside and at least it kept them quiet for about 5 minutes. Brandon didn't want to watch the third HP because it "scares me" and Nick and Jamie decided to make fun of him and call him a baby at which point he came crying to me tattling and so they made fun of him for crying.... can you tell how my morning went?

Sharon calls at like 10, right after the sun came out and Marie realized that no the children couldn't go out to play because my yard has become a miniature river. Says James will come pick them up and that my children can come home with him if I want them to like we discussed yesterday and in the same breath told me she wasn't feeling well today and if I didn't want them to come today they could come next weekend or the weekend after. Which I took to mean: I don't really want your children to come spend the night tonight but I don't want to tell you so since I previously promised they could and since you took all of my children even though it was very apparent that you were about to pass out from exhaustion. Gosh, that's a lot of meaning from one little Needless to say, I didn't let them go home with James which made Nick mad. Elizabeth could have cared less. After spending almost 48 hours with Emily, she was ready to regain sole control of her castle. I was ready for a nap.

Nick got over his madness after they left because while I was making him lunch, Dylan called and they made plans to spend the afternoon together. So it ended well. I came home after dropping him off, Chris got home early, we took a nap, made dinner blah blah blah. It was a peaceful afternoon.

Came online for a little bit, read faves and commented. Chris made me get off the computer because dinner was and he's probably about to make me get off of it again because he wants to use it. Never mind that he has his own. He, for some reason, always wants to use mine. He's a bit irritated right now because he's on the phone with Ricky and Elizabeth keeps begging him to let her talk. Ricky is one of her favorite people. He doesn't know quite what to do about

My mother finally called me this morning. To tell me that Grandma made it through the surgery ok and was resting. Information I already had thanks to Ricky who has parents who keep him informed. 8- I should probably tone down the entire bitterness thing. I know she's got a lot going on but it pissed me off when she said she got my messages yesterday but was "too tired" to call me back. It only takes a minute. :-/

Going away now. Got to do dishes and relinquish control of my I'm getting the evil eye.

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