Sunday, April 24, 2005

tired of thinking of titles

My titles are starting to suck more and I could do the whole song line thing as titles but it seems a lot of people are doing that. And besides, I listen to some really weird stuff and no one would understand the meaning of the lyrics... Movie lines are out too because I don't watch enough movies to come up with anything good... I guess I'm stuck with whatever should happen to pop into my head at any given moment.

So yes, I realize that I have been avoiding writing anything of real substance but that's because... well to be perfectly honest, I'm avoiding thinking about stuff that has any substance to it. There's so much going on that I had to open new parts of my brain to keep up with it all. The filing cabinet up there is getting full. Time to clean it out and discard the crap I've been hanging onto forever... Never realized that would be so difficult.

Today was pretty much normal. Chris had to work, Nick and Elizabeth tried to tear down the house, the usual stuff. I managed to get a 10 minute nap before I heard *CRASH* and jumped up to discover that somehow my children had made the entertainment center collapse. Fortunately, it only has knick-knacks and dolls on it and not anything remotely expensive... oh say, like the tv... which is what most people keep in their entertainment center

Made dinner, waited for Chris to get home. He's here now, yapping my ear off about something. I'm not quite sure what he's talking about because I'm not really listening... We were discussing sleep apneas earlier and somehow he's convinced he's got one. We won't go there right now but apparently someone mentioned the symptoms and he's got like 3 of the 4 which I tried to tell him could mean almost anything but he's got sleep apnea on the brain now. I've been trying to convince him to go get a physical for ages now and if him thinking he has a sleep apnea gets him to the doctor any faster then I'm willing to listen to him prattle on about it for awhile. I'm half tempted to break his leg or something so he has to go... That was a joke by the way. If I broke his leg, I'd have to listen to him whine and complain and ask me to hand him stuff that he could reach anyways without moving his leg... lol. Yeah, so no breaking his leg.

I should be doing something more productive. *runs off*

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