Friday, May 13, 2005

a no strings attached gift?

Tuesday night my mother called and asked me if we could come over that evening because she and my father had something they wished to discuss with us. I told her ok, forgetting that Chris had to work late. :-/ Called him, he came home. We went over. Gina and Shawn were also invited.

The conversation starts out with them informing of us their future funeral plans. Where they are to be buried and what funeral home shall be taking care of their arrangements...etc etc. The fact that the funeral is already paid for and the markers purchased... Needless to say I was a bit... um.... speechless. Because them dying is not something I spend a lot of time thinking about. There are days I figure they will out live all of us just for spite. :P Having the information is useful though and Gina cracked me up when she looked at them and said: Are the two of you planning on dying at the same time... and at some point in the immediate future? They were like no that's not why we went ahead and did this... the stuff going on with both of their mothers really brought home the point that arrangements should be taken care of in advance and that we should know about it. So now we do.

They then went on to inform us that the property of my grandmother (my mom's mom) which was supposed to be given to her grandchildren upon her death, has been basically stolen from all of the grandkids (there are 7 of us) by our uncle... Isn't that lovely? That's not a big issue for me and Gina at least because we never wanted anything to do with it at all. Too much headache and drama exists with that side of the family.

And then they told us that they have purchased a 17 acre tract in Bladen County. And that they are giving part of it to Chris and me, another part to Gina and Shawn, and they are keeping part of it for themselves. GIVING it to us... no strings attached. Ours, to do with as we please. They are hoping that we will all choose to move out there... and raise our children out there. I am not quite sure why they did this. But they made it clear: It's a gift. Not a loan, not a purchase from them but a gift. And we can build a house out there or choose not to and just hold the land in trust for our children. They don't do stuff like this. Their "gifts" usually have a couple of visible strings and a few dozen invisible ones. But not this time. They told us they would deed the land over to us and it would be ours and what we choose to do with it afterwards is entirely up to us. :-o

To say that I am still in shock is an understatement. Chris was in shock. Gina and Shawn were in shock. This isn't like them at all. :-/ I still have hesitation about the whole thing... probably because it's not typical of something they'd do. But they did it. We own land now in Bladen County which is where Chris was wanting to move to anyways... and we can build our house. And I don't know what else to say.

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