Friday, May 13, 2005

inane ramblings again

It has been one of those afternoons. I've managed to get quite a bit done but it seems like every time I get a good start, the phone rings. (And people wonder why I just stay online so they can't call) Or Elizabeth gets into something. And I have to stop and take care of whatever is going on and then try to restart. For someone who is lacking motivation right now, this is not a good thing.

Took Nick and Elizabeth to the grocery store to pick out dinner. I offered fast food or a trip to the grocery store and they chose the grocery My children are a bit crazy. But it worked out well because I got a couple of things I had forgotten yesterday.

Is it rude to ask someone what kind of cologne they are wearing if they smell super good and you really want to know? There was a man in front of us at the store... and no I didn't ask but I thought about it. Figured he'd think I was a I'll be in the store before long sniffing colognes to see if I can find it so I can buy some for Chris.

There is a father's day party the Saturday before Father's Day at Jimmy's... everyone is going to be there which means that I really don't want to go. I go through this every year. I hate getting together with his family because two of his three sisters could be classified with one word: bitch :-/ But every year I promise to go and if I can ignore them long enough to give Daddy his present I usually have a pretty good time. There's the whole problem with food this year. Jimmy's wife believes in cooking from scratch and it's Southern cooking which means that it's really really good but oh so bad for I'll figure it out and I'll go and put on my nice face and attempt to not throw some horrid cow in the pool... oops... nice face Marie. ;D

Chris just got home and I cooked for him because I'm sweet like that and he's had a long day. Was supposed to get off work at 12 but ended up working until 7... he's talking about a salvage place (?) I think but I'm not real sure because I'm half ignoring him.

Going to make a salad for myself here shortly and wait for Le Trinity to call Christian called earlier as did Jenny which makes me wonder exactly what Dana told everybody. For the record, I'm fine... lol... She just freaked out a little bit. :$

Going away now. Might post a picture entry later if I can find the digi cam to upload the ones I took.

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