Thursday, May 19, 2005


Everyone has days that go from bad to worse... but lately I seem to be the ruler of them. :'(

This is what has ruined my day for today: a summons to federal court. :-/ I won't get into the hows or whys but I am pissed and I have a good reason to be.

Picked Nick up from school and he talked all the way to BK and all the way home. At one point, he asked me if he should be quiet and I was laughing so hard that I couldn't tell him yes. He talked and talked and talked some more. He's outside now expending some energy before it gets dark or the rain starts. Lord, I wish the rain would start. Everything is so dry and dusty and we could definitely use it.

I'm stressing now and I really shouldn't be. There's enough going on without me borrowing trouble but it's difficult to not stress. I think I'll just enjoy the next few days and deal with Monday when it comes.

Il Sebastian, il mio amore, che lei ha fatto? :'(

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