Friday, May 13, 2005

the last few days

I haven't been writing much because I haven't really felt like it. There's been a lot going on and it's just.... overwhelming would be a good word I suppose.

Nick's had end of grade testing all this week and he thinks he did pretty good on it.

Chris has been working late every night, going in early every morning. They are at the end of a job and trying like hell to get it finished. He's supposed to be off early today though which is a good thing.

Elizabeth has been sick. She's got a cold. It seems like she's forever got a cold. :-/

Wednesday night Chris took the kids with him to Elizabethtown and I got to spend the evening by myself. That was unusual but I wasn't complaining. Went and ran some errands, saw Janet, went and got something to eat. Stopped by the library and then came home and spent a few blissful hours listening to the sounds of quiet...

Yesterday, took Elizabeth shopping with me. Had a pretty good time. Made dinner after Nick got home and then played catch with him until after Chris got home. It was a quiet evening. Tried to go to bed early but Chris wouldn't stop talking long enough for me to get to

Got up this morning and Nick was already gone. He was waiting for his bus so I blew him a kiss and shooed Chris out the door. Elizabeth decided to get up and then decided to take a nap on the couch... She wasn't ready to be awake yet but didn't want to be in her room by herself any longer. At least the tv isn't blaring this morning. I swear that thing never goes off anymore. They don't really watch it either. It's just on... 8-|

I have a lot I need to get done today but don't know how much of it I will accomplish. Got some good news pending but am afraid to write about it yet because I don't want to jinx myself... Or rather us.

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