Friday, May 13, 2005

uh oh

I made a huge I was online when Chris got home and I left the computer to make him dinner. And when I came back, I had gotten an outbid notice on something i was bidding for on ebay. And I made the mistake of letting him on my computer to look at tools and hunting stuff on ebay and he stayed online looking for 2 hours.... :-/ I might should be worried.

Got everything accomplished today that I set out to do with the exception of mopping the kitchen floor. That's the one thing I hate more than anything in the world. Except maybe laundry which is a never ending battle in this house. But yeah, I got everything done that I intended to do and the kids are watching a movie and Chris has gone to sleep because he's got a busy weekend ahead of him... and I am playing on the computer...

I think there was something else I was going to write about, but I've already So off I go to annoy Christian ;D

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