Tuesday, May 24, 2005

updated-ness (Friday)

I did not realize I hadn't written in five days. Gosh time flies... when you aren't having fun as well as when you are I guess. :-o
Let's see:
Friday: Got up early. Took Elizabeth to Gina's. Went for my doctor's appointment. I love the office because you don't have to wait forever and two years to be seen. Did the whole height/weight/blood pressure check and the usual questions: Do you smoke? :$ And when was your last cycle? Which cracks me up everytime because when I tell them September 2002, they almost fall over themselves...lol. Looks like they'd notate the chart or something. Anyways... since my last appointment in April I have lost another nine pounds.. ;D (I'm so proud of this fact!) and my blood pressure has dropped considerably. (Another really good thing.) The nurse is all sweet and encouraging but cautions me to not starve myself...lol. Leaves me alone and the doctor comes in about 20 minutes later. Does a half assed job of listening to me and then tells me that it's too early to do my HBA1C test... that I will need to come back in two weeks for that. Which pissed me off in no uncertain terms. Because for the labs you have to fast... I'm supposed to eat at around the same time every day for every meal and the appointments are scheduled early in the morning so that I don't go too long past breakfast before I eat. And this is the SECOND time that she has scheduled me for bloodwork and then when I got there told me they weren't going to do it that day. So I said something to her about it. To the effect that she's the one who told me to come back in six weeks and I was following her instructions and I don't have a money tree in my backyard and can not afford to visit her every 4 weeks. She then looks at my chart and decides they need to check my triglyceride levels because they were so high when they checked them in March and she says "we can do this today and the A1C in June" and I told her... "no we either do it all today or we do it all in June and I"m only paying for one appointment. This is your mistake, not mine." We did all the lab work on Friday. She pisses me off because she's so flaky acting.

Did the lab work. Paid, made a new appointment for the end of August (finally 12 weeks between appointments) and then went and had lunch with Chris and Nestor. Came home, talked to my mama, my sister and Sharon and then took a nap. When Nick got home, I took him to Gina's and she cut my hair for me. Not a lot, just trimmed off the ends. And she insisted on doing my makeup since Chris and I were having date night. I have decided that my idea of makeup and her idea are two totally seperate ideas. I, at best, put on mascara and eyeliner and maybe lipstick... on occasion. She made up my face and I swear, I felt like Tammie Faye Bakker. I'm not kidding. I was so uncomfortable that when we got to the restaurant I ended up going to the bathroom and washing my face. FOUR TIMES Because the stuff she uses is like paint and it didn't want to come off. Chris got worried because he thought I had gone to the bathroom and gotten sick and that's why I had washed my face but really I did it because I felt like feeling like me again...lol.

We ended up going to the beach for dinner and it rained the entire time we were gone. The rain stopped for about thirty minutes and we walked out on the pier at Kure Beach and watched the ocean and a few brave souls fishing on the pier. There was absolutely no vacancies at any of the hotels down there. I'm guessing a lot of it had to do with high school graduation because there were a lot of young people out and about. A lot of soldiers too. Chris pointed that out to me when we were walking on the pier and he threatened to throw one of them off the side...lol. It was amusing at the time. Drove home and got home about 2 am. Had a really really good time. Just driving and talking and talking some more. Took the long way home (all ways are technically long...lol) and other than the rain, it was really cool.

More in a few minutes. I have to make sure my children are in bed.

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