Thursday, May 19, 2005

what's the use?

Of having a "night off" if people won't stop calling??????? So last night, Chris gets home, loads up the trash and takes the kids with him to Elizabethtown. I go to the bank... and then to Wal-Mart. I'm walking around Wal-Mart when my phone starts ringing. So I answer it. Mental note to self: Turn the damn thing off next time. And it's Chris. Wanting to know what I'm doing... 8-| I tell him and we talk for a minute and then his phone drops signal so I go about my business. Five minutes later the phone is ringing again. And it's Chris. Wanting to know if I want to meet them in Etown to go to dinner. I look at my watch. It's already 6 pm. I was thinking about finishing my shopping, stopping at Wendy's or somewhere and getting a salad and going home. But like an idiot, I let him talk me into driving to Etown and going to supper with them. We don't eat until almost 9. We get ready to leave the restaurant and he asks me if I'll talk Elizabeth with me so he can take Nick for ice cream. :-/ (I think he just didn't want to have to listen to Elizabeth chatter on the way So Elizabeth and I left and came back towards the house and ended up stopping at the grocery store because I had to get stuff to make Nick for lunch for today. They had a field trip and he wanted me to pack his lunch instead of the school doing it. Apparently my lunches are

I kid you not, I'm on my way to the house from the grocery store when Chris calls again. We got home and you weren't here yet so I was worried. The man has either that or he just cares an awful lot. :p I think he has issues. I didn't scream at him even though I was tempted. I think I'm going to start utilizing the off button on my

Shawn and Ashley are bumping up the date of their wedding from September to June. Shawn told Chris last night the reason they are doing this is because she's pregnant.... let's review: Last week, Shawn told everyone including Ashley that while he loves her he's not ready to get married just yet and he wanted to postpone the wedding. This week, Ashley is suddenly pregnant and instead of postponing the wedding, they are moving it up. I'm laying my odds on her not actually being pregnant. She's a conniving little witch in my not so humble opinion and I'm almost willing to bet that she's faking it because she thinks if he postpones the wedding, he'll never marry her. I seriously hope for his sake that there is a baby and she's not lying to him but I really doubt it. When Chris told me she was pregnant, I said: "How far along is she? A minute?" I guess you actually have to know them both to understand why I think she's lying. And I really hope for Shawn's sake that she isn't lying because he's the sweetest man anyone could ever meet and he doesn't deserve to be fucked over. I guess time will tell. Suffice it to say that I won't be surprised if she suddenly realizes after the wedding that she was mistaken... :-/

I have to pick up Nick at 3:45 today. They went to Raleigh on a field trip. He was so excited about it too. And tomorrow is field day and then he's going to Aunt Gina's. According to him, it's turned into a good Which he will think is even better when I tell him I'm taking them out to eat tonight. Chris has to go help Shawn with some stuff (translated: Shawn needs to talk so the wives/s.o's think they are doing something manly when in reality they are probably going to go fishing and split a 6 pack... lol) so he's not going to be home until late. And I have to do some packing and stuff for tomorrow for the kids... and for us so we can go to the beach tomorrow evening. And I want to try to go to bed early because I have to be up early to take Elizabeth to Gina's so I can be on time for my doctor's appointment which I am half dreading in a way. *sigh*

It'll all be ok.

On that note, I'm off of here to finish the laundry.

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