Wednesday, May 4, 2005


Seems like there is always something to stress over. :-/ No one can or will give me straight answers about children and blood sugar numbers. The pediatrician told me "I was worrying over nothing". I told her I'd be looking for a pediatrician that actually cared about her patients and took the concerns of the mother seriously. Stupid bitch. I was/still am livid.

Yesterday morning, Elizabeth came to give me a hug like she does every morning when she gets up and when she went to kiss me, she smelled like she'd been drinking nail polish remover. This isn't the first time I've noticed it; it's not like that every day but on occasion when she gets up, I've noticed the "acetone" smell on her breath. Yesterday was the first time it clicked in my head to test her sugar. It was 45. Which is low. Way low by my doctor's standards... low as in eat immediately and something with sugar in it. Low as in you will be passed out on the floor in a few minutes if you don't eat. So I fed her cereal and juice and tested her again a little while later and it was 90. Tested her after lunch and it was 116. Those are normal numbers. Tested her after lunch today and it was only 72. (1 to 2 hours after lunch should be between 100 and 140) I'm worried. She seems to be running on the low side and everyone acts like I'm just being overconcerned. Having low blood sugar is just as bad as having high blood sugar and all of the websites only tell what fasting numbers and numbers after meals should be for an adult. The pediatrician couldn't be bothered to tell me if children's numbers should be the same or if they are different or what. So I am extremely frustrated.

She picks at her food... she's at that stage where everything is yucky and she doesn't really eat a lot at meal times. Which could be part of the problem... but still... as a mother, I'm worried and I'm pissed off that the doctor couldn't be bothered to alleviate my concerns, just dismissed them like it was nothing. *sigh*

I'm not trying to borrow trouble... I don't want there to be a single thing wrong with her... I just want answers.

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