Sunday, November 1, 2009

there isn't much i won't discuss

s someone failing to meet your expectations? You may need new expectations.

That was the beginning of my horoscope today. How truly appropriate.

I've been up waaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy to long already today. I envision a nap in my future somewhere between 12 and 2, before I have to get ready to go to work. I went to bed at 2. Woke up at 4. Spent an hour and twenty minutes crying in my bathroom. Made coffee. Watched the news. Got online and did some stuff. Read all of the blogs that I generally try to keep up with. Looked at yesterday's mail. Organized my bills. Did a slight bit of stressing over said bills until I realized that I'm actually okay in that department and even if I wasn't, stressing won't do any good.

Analyzed things that happened last night. Replayed my conversation with Sebastian. Texted my sister. Talked to Russell. Watched it rain. Read the forecast for today. (rainy and getting progressively colder.) Cleared out my email. Cleaned off my computer, my desk. Made more coffee.

Watched iCarly with Elizabeth. It's a Halloween show and it's actually pretty funny.

Thought about what to take for dinner tonight at work. Reset my clocks. Who knew I had so many clocks? Talked to Russell again. Made more coffee.

I haven't managed to eat today or take my meds. I'm getting around to that.

There are a million and one things running through my brain. Mostly things that I can't do anything about today.

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