Friday, May 21, 2010

a couple of amusing things

Elizabeth (on Wednesday after I picked her up from school and we were on our way to my sister's): Mama, who was Martin Luther King Jr and why did they name a road after him? Is he the man who got rid of civil rights?

Me: He worked hard for people to gain civil rights, not get rid of them, Elizabeth. 

Her: I knew it had something to do with civil rights. But why did they name a road after him?

So I tried to explain they named the road after him as a way to honor him and she said (in her infinite 7 year old wisdom) "It seems to me if they wanted to REALLY honor him, people could start acting right. I think that would be more of an honor than a stupid road." I was afraid to ask her what she meant by acting right because I would probably gotten an hour long conversation about the injustices in the world. My Elizabeth is one smart little girl. I love her dearly.

I answered the phone tonight at work and there's a guy on the other end speaking very low and trying his best to sound sexy and he keeps asking me what I'm doing and I'm all like "working... who is this?" When he goes "oh my God. You are not Tracy. I am so embarrassed." Um... yeah. I think when I realized I had a wrong number, I might would have just hung up. But I found it amusing.

And the man who checked in with his two sons and wanted to know what floor the pool was on. I looked at him and said "it's outside." at which point he goes: "but what floor?"  *head smack*

I have the entire weekend off. In addition to the Wednesday I had off this week. Oh my goddess, I got 3 days off this week. Like I've been asking/begging/pleading for... I don't have plans. I may get some work done for Erik or I may make the effort to do some cleaning or I may try to sleep. I wish I was getting a phone call that said "please come get me" because I would go in a heartbeat.

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