Sunday, June 6, 2010

it's a conundrum

It's been moderately busy in here this evening. There is a special forces reunion across the street this week and we are already full every night but tonight. I have hopes that we'll do really well tonight because I have already sold a lot of rooms and it's early yet. Busy is good because it leaves less time for me to worry/obsess/stress myself.

  • Mondays always suck for me and I get to start a new treatment on Monday thereby ensuring that this Monday will pretty much suck as well. Aren't I just a bundle of sunbeams? I'm trying to remain positive and upbeat about it all but damn, if it's not difficult. 
  • School gets out on Thursday. This, without a doubt, is something I am looking forward to happening because it means the end of running back and forth between two schools and work and the angst-filled teenage spawn will be allowed to return to regular school when school resumes in August which means less stress for everyone who is involved with making sure he has a ride to and from school.
  • There are still some plans to finalize for Chicago which I need to do ASAP (like yesterday.)
  • There's the situation with someone I hold very dear that I will not discuss on this blog but which has me all tied up in knots and wondering what to do and what comes next.

I have a new book I am starting to read. I have a day off tomorrow (because of the whole doctor deal) and I intend to actually sit down and watch a movie (probably Angels & Demons) and I also intend to see if the program about aliens that Russell was telling me about is on History onDemand. I am hoping it is because I really want to see it.

At this present moment, I am listening to the timer tick because I have cookies in the oven in the kitchen area for the guests that I am going to put out at 7pm, the television in the breakfast room is on a news channel and they are talking about the oil spill, and there is no one standing in front of the desk or anywhere near the lobby.

I do believe I'm getting random. There was so much I wanted to write about tonight but I find myself short of words. I guess I will try again in a little while.

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