Monday, November 1, 2010

Does it count....

....after being away for a year and a month and like twenty something days I pop in to my blog to say "wow, I have missed writing here and there has been so much going on that I should have been writing because it would have seriously alleviated some of the stress I was feeling... but I didn't." So here I am. Good, bad, indifferent.

Perhaps over the next few months, I will tell some of those stories that have been building in my extended absence but then again, maybe I won't. Some of them are intensely painful and obviously very personal and some of them aren't really mine to share so time will tell whether I take that particular plunge and procure permission to tell those stories.

I'm not particularly happy with my blog design at the precise moment (what is it with me an the letter 'p' tonight?) but geez... I guess when you stay away for as long as I did and then spent almost a year posting from your cell phone.... well... things they will change. Ironically enough, I have not been away from the internet... I just haven't had any words. I'm hoping that they are back for good now.

And because I love a challenge: As if it isn't enough to come back to the blog and attempt to start over, I have also signed up for NaBloPoMo and I am thinking that if I have a day where I just want to give up, I'll use their daily writing prompts.

I am really looking forward to being back. Really.

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