Thursday, November 11, 2010

There are times...

...when I wonder what the point is of almost everything I do?

I blew up at Chris today over his truck (which is currently broke and in the shop again and will cost approximately $800 to fix.) I feel like we have poured entirely too much money into a truck that is 16 years old. Granted, it has given few problems over the years but when it does break... well.... it breaks spectacularly and the transmission is something I never want to think about again (replaced 3 times in 3 years.) While I know he is fond of said truck and it does make more sense to fix it rather than take on a car payment we can ill afford at the present time, it's also annoying as hell to have to fix something on it every 3 months or so. After we replace this set of parts, about the only thing that can break that hasn't been tackled yet is the motor and I probably shouldn't even type that because it will be luck that I just jinxed us.

But... the point of the preceding paragraph was really that I blew up about the price of said fix and I took it out on him and that wasn't fair of me to do. I should have taken several deep breaths and told him I would talk to him later and calmed down and thought and THEN had a rational discussion but I didn't. He called me at work and it just set me off so I handled it badly. -sigh-

Sometimes, I fail at relationships.

It's almost time to be off work. Yay! Yay! and yay! I am happy about that because I am exhausted and I really want to go home, wash my face and go to bed. He is off work tomorrow and we have a few things planned that we need to get done. I am hoping that we have a productive day before I have to go to work.

I'm away from here to close out my shift and wait for 11pm.

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