Sunday, November 28, 2010

There are....

...27 days until Christmas and I have not done a bit of shopping.

I wanted to decorate over my two days off. I had to get the house cleaned up first and I did that between bouts of sleeping excessively thanks to this cold that I have. So the house is almost in tip-top shape but I didn't get the first Christmas decoration hung. I am only a little upset about this. I figure I will do it bit by bit over the next week when I have the opportunity or on my next two days off (whenever those might be since we don't have a schedule yet.)

I have supper for tonight. Leftovers. I am happy about this because the food was really good the first time I had it... and it beats having to figure out what to have delivered. It's entirely too pricey to have food delivered when I'm at work. I have really come to enjoy this whole bringing dinner from home thing that I have going on. 

I took some cold medicine. Now if it would just kick in, I would be extremely grateful.

It is a very slow night here tonight. There are only 10 guaranteed arrivals. Boo.

I think I'm going to go read some of my book because the internet seems to be increasingly dull at the moment.

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