Friday, November 5, 2010

there is something about a day off...

...that makes me ever so lazy. I managed to get most of the laundry done but I also indulged in a really long nap because I just felt so run-down. I really don't like that feeling at all but it was present today so I let my body tell me when I needed to just stop and go to sleep.

The kids got report cards today and they were pretty good for the most part. I am not happy with a couple of the grades but I changed my mind about fussing over them and simply told them they had done a good job and there was a bit of room for improvement. 

We went to supper tonight. That was fun and something we hadn't done in awhile. The food was good and we did a little bit of shopping afterward. I was ready to come back home though. I am discovering about myself that on my days off, I much prefer to stay here than to have to gallivant all over the countryside.

I am about to put myself in the bed.  Maybe a decent night's sleep will make me want to actually get things accomplished tomorrow. Goodness knows there is enough that needs accomplishing.

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