Friday, December 24, 2010

the last few days...

I have (barely) managed to finish my Christmas shopping, keep all of my appointments, and work everyday. I did find the time to go get my nails done today since that was Chris's present to me. I enjoyed taking an hour and a half out of the busy day and just enjoy something that was strictly about me.

I did not manage to get my Christmas cards sent out or get my baking done.

I'm at work tonight until 11 and then I work a 4 hour shift tomorrow (7pm to 11pm). I intend to get the presents finished up tonight, watch the kids open them tomorrow while sipping some coffee and then I'm going to cook so that we can eat a wonderful meal before I go to work. I'm off on Sunday so I will clean up the house then and get myself semi-organized for the upcoming new year.

I hope to regularly blog during 2011 as there are several upcoming life-changing events that will be taking place (particularly during the early part of the year.)

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