Tuesday, January 4, 2011

the one in which I get a bit irritated

Sunday, I was off work and I tackled my disaster of a house. Having the kids home on vacation + Chris on vacation + a 6 day workweek = my house looked like complete crap. I spent so much time during the past week sleeping that I didn't make the time to get anything productive done and so on Sunday, I did it. Scrubbed the kitchen, washed/dried/folded/put away ALL the laundry. Cooked supper. Cleaned the floors. Took down the decorations. Put the decorations away. Fell into the bed at almost 1:30 am exhausted but pleased with the progress. Oh... and we took the kids shopping Sunday afternoon after we had brunch. It was a decidedly productive day.

Monday, I was also off work and I did some more cleaning. I made chicken parmesan for supper after a trip to the store and to pick up Dylan. Baked an apple pie and some sugar cookies. Set off the smoke detector (from the wax paper on the pan.) Fell into bed at 9pm.

And today. I slept late and made time to take my meds and I cleaned the kitchen before going to get Beth from school. Somehow there was a mixup and they had put her on the bus. She was retrieved, we made it to work where I discovered Janet was off and so I called Chris and asked him to come pick her up from the hotel because I had just had enough of the entire fiasco. She did her homework in the breakfast room and watched tv  and he picked her up and that's been that.

It has been fairly steady at work tonight. I work all week until Sunday again. Same schedule I will have next week and then I'm on vacation. My plans for my vacation: Get my mouth fixed. That should be fun.

In the meantime, I'm steadily making plans and trying to figure out how to implement them. It should be interesting.

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