Saturday, September 10, 2011

Miss Lizzy's birthday

It's *almost* difficult to believe that she is nine years old today. Where does the time go? I mean, obviously, I know where it goes but it seems like just yesterday I was laying on an operating table with tears streaming down my face while holding this precious little bundle for the few minutes they allowed me to hold her before whisking her away for what seemed like forever. (It was several hours because they needed to keep her under observation for awhile. Seemed like an eternity.)

This morning, we got up & went to Waffle House. Just the two of us. For breakfast. We had a great time. She was thrilled to get to go on a "mommy date" for her birthday.

She went with me to Verizon to pick up Chris's new phone and we took her to supper in Elizabethtown tonight. She said (as she always does) that this was the best birthday ever. (I think the ice cream cake may have had something to do with it. Or the fact that she got a prepaid cell phone for her birthday. To use when she's in the woods hunting with Chris or just to be able to text with her friends and her brother. Initially I was against the idea but have warmed up to it in the week it's been since he actually bought the phone for her.)

I took her picture today while we were at breakfast and then this evening, I was looking at her baby pictures and I'm still having trouble believing that my baby is nine.

Happy Birthday Miss Elizabeth. Or as you so sweetly informed me today: "I'm nine now Mama. I think you should call me Lizzy."

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