Thursday, May 31, 2012

GIST - Day 340 to Day 361

Things I am grateful for these past few weeks

1. I have a job that I love.

2. I am geniunely liked at said job.

3. Chris and I are in a good place. Probably one of the better places we have ever been.

4. I have learned to ask for what I need.

5. I have rediscovered a love for reading.

6. I am slowly getting back into the swing of things that I enjoy.

7. I had a 2nd female exam because the first was abnormal according to the lab and after a month of stressing & hoping & praying, the 2nd one turned out to be just fine. The first one: Lab error. I was irritated for about a minute that they scared the crap out of me for their error but then instantly grateful that it wasn't something horrible for me to have to deal with.

8. I no longer have a certain friend. I can not tell you the sheer amount of stress this person was bringing to my life and I had no idea that was from where the stress was coming until it was no longer there. It is a relief.

9. I gave on doing daily GIST and consolidated some of them for my own peace of mind. It is one of the better decisions I have made.

10. I am going to be okay.

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