Saturday, November 10, 2012

Have a cliff handy?

I tried to drive the truck to work today after being assured it was, without a doubt, driveable. And it started messing up on me before I got halfway to work. I was livid.

He came and switched vehicles with me a little while ago. We got into a bit of a tiff over the phone about the truck and how irritated I am and a few other things but everything is better now. Or as better as it can get when you can't have a face to face discussion with someone because you are at work and they are at home. -i think I'm done mini venting now-

I have a headache, thanks to the gazillion children running through the lobby. They really have been very good and I always enjoy this weekend which is why I scheduled myself to work during their pilgrimage but that many kids at one time can really leave you with a headache.

Next week is going to be busy. I think I am going to spend part of the rest of my evening preparing for it since we are full tonight and there is very little left for me to do here.

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