Monday, November 12, 2012

I am at a loss for real words

I don't know where to put most of the stuff rolling around in my brain so I will dump it here and hope for the best.

I spoke with my mother at length this morning about my uncle. He has not improved any despite being sent to the specialty hospital in another city. This hospital is supposed to be one of the premier hospitals and the doctors there can not figure out what is wrong with him. He isn't allowed to have visitors for more than half an hour at a time and so, I am not yet allowed to go up and see him. My mother, bless her, is holding together relatively well for a woman is running on mostly adrenaline and decaf coffee. She told me of a conversation she had with my father about how she flinches each & every time the phone rings; a part of her steeling herself for bad news. They canceled their trip to Florida because she said she can not imagine trying to have fun while her brother lays dying 800 miles away.

I was particularly grateful today for the opportunity to actually speak with her. I think the conversation ultimately did us both some good.

The kids didn't have school today because of Veteran's Day. Elizabeth made me coffee and breakfast this morning and we had a pretty good day before I had to leave to come to work. Nick slept through most of my "at home" time, waking up only long enough to help me carry my stuff to the truck and say bye.

There was stew cooking in the crock pot when I left and Chris messaged me to tell me that it was really good. His exact words were "f---ing awesome." I take it the stew was pretty good. I will find out when I get home tonight.

Work has been... a bit slow so boring. There are 50 minutes left in my shift and then I will go home and collapse and come back again tomorrow.

Things are tense at work to say the least. I did see Mr. A today. He hugged me and told me to tell Chris that he had hugged me so he wouldn't be jealous (ha ha) and then he told me to tell Chris to love me more. I really like Mr. A. He's funny most of the time and sharp as a tack even though he pretends otherwise.

On that note, I'm going to watch Food Network until it is time to leave. Everything else is done already.

Happy Veteran's Day: to all those who served, are serving, will serve to keep our country safe and let us enjoy the freedoms that so many in the world do not know. To the families of the same for sharing your loved one with the country. To those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. We are forever indebted.

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