Tuesday, November 13, 2012

i could use a day or two

I have been contemplating my vacation because October 14th was my anniversary date at work and so I collected another year but I am at a loss as to when to take it. This year, Chris will get his entire vacation days credited to him on January 1st (instead of in July which is his anniversary month) so we could possibly make our vacations match up. Then I think how, every year, I take my vacation in January because January is such a drab month and it gives me a boost that seems to work out for me. I'm not sure quite what I will do yet but I have been considering it.

Tonight at work has been so excruciatingly slow. People have come in but it has been sporadic and the phone hasn't rang much and I am just ready for my days off this week. Of course, I have a bit to wait since I'm not off until Friday and Saturday.

Lillian floated tonight and she actually came over and talked to me a few times tonight. Yes, I am surprised because she has not been of the mind to do that ever since she started working here. I did think, at first, that I must have somehow made her mad but Page assured me that Lillian was just really shy and not good in social situations. Tonight she was ok though.

And Amelia is still not speaking to me. Oh well. She will get over herself sometime soon.

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