Monday, November 5, 2012

One more day until election day

After today the campaigning will stop but I have a feeling we will be forced to endure political commentary for weeks to come with all of the voting snafus that are bound to take place tomorrow. I cast my vote last Wednesday so tomorrow I will sit back in the evening and watch some of the returns. While I am interested in the outcome of the presidential race (how can you not be really?), I am more interested in the local elections as they impact my day to day living. It will be interesting to see what happens. I happen to be off work tomorrow so I can watch in relative peace.

Today has been long. It's only just before 7pm and I feel like I have been at work for days, not mere hours. I think this is because it is slow in here again tonight. I am not complaining about it being slow because this weekend promises to be way more busy and a slow night, on occasion, is a welcome break.

I work one overnight shift this week. I can't say that I am particularly looking forward to that but it will be ok. The schedule is all weird because Walter is going on vacation and Page's last day is Sunday.

Thanksgiving in just 17 days. I am in no way prepared for it this year. And Christmas is just around the corner. I passed a house today on my way to work that was already all decked out in holiday cheer and all I could think was "wow." They have had their decorations up for at least a week already. I'm lucky to get my wreath hung the weekend after Thanksgiving.

We are supposed to go see Uncle A.D. in the hospital on Wednesday. The plan was to go tomorrow but Mama asked us to wait because he is having surgery tomorrow. Any good thoughts would be appreciated.

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