Friday, November 2, 2012


The title is the question I find myself asking the most lately. Usually, very increduously.

They (meaning Chris & Elizabeth) have renamed the dog yet again. First, it was "Little Man", then "Thumper" (because he is constantly thumping his tail... so cute by the way) and tonight they settled on Roscoe. I can only shake my head in confusion and hope that they will leave it at Roscoe because even I am starting to have an identity crisis in regards to the poor doggie. We haven't had him but a few days so he probably could care less what we are calling him right now.

I worked until 7 this morning and then got some breakfast and took a short (2 hour) nap. I woke up to a text message from my sister followed by a phone call from her from her work when I texted her back. She rarely calls from work so I was really concerned. Turns out I was right to be concerned but there is no need yet to stress.

I spoke to my mother. Ran some errands, went to see Mr. Carter who admitted to me when his wife was not in the room that he is not doing so well at all. I did manage to not cry this time when I saw him. I offered to do the yard work at his little house up the street from us that he is really wanting to have rented out asap because he is no longer capable of doing it and Miss Galena no longer has time since she is busy taking care of him.

We made tortellini soup for supper and Chris fixed the bathtub. Going to bed early tonight (or what is early for me) because I have had little sleep and I am super cranky now.

We have both voted already. I went and voted on Wednesday and I went with him and he voted tonight. Early voting ends Saturday, November 3rd if you live in the state of NC and then obviously, the regular polls are open on Tuesday, November 6th. I won't make any recommendations as to how you vote; I will just implore you to please exercise your right to vote. It really does matter and it really does make a difference.

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