Thursday, November 15, 2012

so much to say

I called Mama first thing this morning because she had asked me to call her before going to the hospital so if there was a change in his condition or if something bad had happened then she could warn me first. I was unprepared for her to say that she thought it was a bad idea for us to go. Her reasoning was that he is really bad off and she was afraid we would have a bad memory. Then she tells me that of course I can go if I need/want to go but she's worried how it will leave me. We hang up after I tell her I will be discussing it with Chris and 5 minutes later, she calls back to tell me that Daddy thinks I will regret it if I don't go when I have the opportunity. And then she calls back again to let me know they were on the way up there themselves if we got lost and needed directions. And finally we left the house and we didn't get lost and it was as bad as I was afraid it was going to be and I cried and my other uncle made me want to throw him through a window and I cried some more and then we left. [let me take a deep breath]

Chris called his friend Jeff on our way back through Wilson and we went by his house and I got to see puppies and rabbits. After we had already left, they were on the phone and I found out there had been baby bunnies in the pen (that I didn't see!) and I wanted to go back but I figured Chris might murder me in the truck if I told him I would like to go back and see them so I kept my mouth shut.

We went to White Swan and got a plate for supper and then he dropped me off at home so I could go to sleep because I had to work later in the evening.

I slept for all of 3 hours and then I was wide awake so I went ahead and got ready and now I am at work. I got here about 9:15 this evening. I knew Susan would be ready to go given that she hates to work 2nd shift and it is busier than really likes to handle other than me. I love 2nd shift. It is this 3rd shift stuff that I'm not overly fond

It's going to be a long night. I'm going to go try to smile my way through it.

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