Sunday, November 4, 2012

where I try not to complain about dst....

I will fail miserably though because I have to tell you that this feels like it has been the

I woke up at 9 something curious as to whether my phone had changed time by itself because sometimes (thanks Verizon) it does not. Today, it had which was good. I was going to attempt to go back to sleep but decided to have coffee instead and then that morphed into cleaning my kitchen and a bunch of other random chores and then it was time for work. (Run on sentences anyone?)

I get to work and time just.... stops. At least that is what it feels like. Every time the clock has chimed tonight I have been like "really? It's only... [insert time that's not time to go home here] and I've been all been all sad faced. Plus, it is approximately a bajillion degrees behind this desk which makes me even more cranky and oh my goodness... somebody please make it 11pm.

I have had some nice conversations this evening. That is always a plus.

And Cindy was here most of the night. She left a few minutes ago so now I am by myself until 11. Time simply is not moving quickly enough for me tonight.

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