Monday, November 19, 2012

written a little bit over a long period of time

If you watch the news for more than five minutes a day, it can really be very depressing.

Anyone who says that no one is traveling for Thanksgiving doesn't work in the hospitality industry or travel down an interstate. As someone who does both, I can assure you that traffic is heavy and hotel rooms are being snatched up like hotcakes. A boon for the business to be sure. A bit of a headache for those of us who thought it might possibly be a slow night and are short staffed already and don't have the correct number of people to schedule to keep up with the busy-ness of the evening.

I can wear my snowman earrings in 3 days. I was teasing Chris about wearing them the other day and he said I should wait until at least Thanksgiving. I think he really meant "after Thanksgiving" but I am going to go with Thanksgiving itself and wear them for my 8 hour shift that night. You have to find some joy where you can and for some reason the snowman earrings make me smile.

It has been busy in here tonight. My goodness, at the sheer number of people who have filtered through this door this afternoon/evening.

This mandate to leave FOX News on in the breakfast room is really grating my nerves. About the only person I can tolerate on there anymore is Shepard Smith. I don't know why that it is but it is.

My sister has invited us over for Thanksgiving dinner on Wednesday. I am off that day (it's my only day off this week.) I think we may stop in there for a little bit. I was planning to cook on Wednesday for us as our Thanksgiving meal since I'm working 3 to 11 each and every day after that but we shall see.

I have 3 hours and 15 minutes to go before my shift is over.

I am so ready to go home.

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