Friday, June 28, 2013

Odds & ends for the month of June

It seems that I am mostly good for posting about once a month these days.

June was a very busy for us. Elizabeth graduated from 5th grade; Nicholas graduated from high school on the 6th. Chris & Barry got the house (mostly) ready and we started moving in the weekend after school ended on the 10th. That was a process.

It wasn't so bad actually. We managed to get everything moved from the house and the yard and then I returned the keys to Ms. Galina and only shed a few tears. (I mean, come on. We had lived there for 14 and 1/2 years. Of course, I cried.)

My children learned what is like to live without internet for a few days since I didn't call to get the cable turned on for just over a week. I wanted to make sure that I wouldn't be shorting us any money we might need since we were still in the process of moving and such but finally, even I got a little lost without being able to play Candy Crush without fear of eating up all of my data package with my cell phone. Funny addiction that Candy Crush can be. ;-) Nick was most excited to finally get internet so he could play xbox live. Seriously, I don't think anyone really cared about the television aspect of things. We were mostly ecstatic to (finally!!!) have internet.

I have noticed a few oddities about things since we moved. One of them is that I sleep better even though our bed is smaller. What is up with that? I get up earlier, have less need to take naps and spend more time out of the bedroom than I do in it. This is a bit strange because it had got to the point, in the old place, where I spent more time in my room than I did anywhere else besides work.

I don't mind the commute that I have. It gives me a chance, on the way home, to listen to music and unwind from the day which has been unsurprisingly beneficial for me.

Elizabeth has made fast friends with the little girl down the street. I like Nicki so I don't mind having her over and Elizabeth goes over there a lot. It makes me happy that there is someone close to her age nearby for her to hang out with because she didn't have many neighborhood friends where we were. The only thing I am not happy about right now is that she hasn't found a church youth group that she wants to do things with. Other than the Carowinds trip she took with Brittany and Ms. Kerri, she hasn't been back to church and that bothers me because she loved the Bethany youth group she was a part of before.

There isn't much more to tell or rather much more that I have the time to tell. I guess at this rate, I'll be back at the end of the July. (Kidding. I hope to be back much more often once life slows down a little bit.)

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