Sunday, August 18, 2013

GIST - The Sunday edition # 44

Things I am grateful for today

1. coffee brought to me in bed this morning as an enticement to get up so we could go drop the truck off at the shop and run some errands before I had to go to work (and before football had a chance to come on the television.)

2. flowers growing in my flower pots, on the sides of the road, in yards of the houses I pass on the way to work, at work by the doors and lining the driveways. They are bright & colorful & always improve my mood.

3. random compliments from people this past week at work and in the library.

4. having time to read this behemoth of a book that I have started reading (which is really wonderful despite my initial misgivings since it's almost 1000 pages) plus spell check for correcting my misspelling of the word behemoth before I hit the publish button.

5. School starts in just over a week. I am mostly happy about this because Elizabeth is growing bored (or has been & has just lost the ability to mask that boredom) and it's time for some normal routine and structure to enter our days again. Plus, it's a new chapter for her (middle school plus new school!) and for us and oh my goodness, the possibilities are just endless. So essentially, I am grateful for my own enthusiasm. ;-)

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