Sunday, September 8, 2013

GIST - The Sunday Edition # 46

Things I am grateful for today

1. The ability to have slept in the past few days because I need to do so. I didn't neglect anything important that needed to be done and I made it to work on time each day so I call that a win.

2. Guests that made me smile at work this week with their thoughtfulness and caring. Sometimes all it takes is a nice word and a smile to turn someone's day around.

3. Beth's birthday present came in the mail yesterday. The delivery statement said it might not be here until the 11th and I was concerned about that since her birthday is on the 10th but it got here in plenty of time and I am very very glad. Now to just be able to hold out and wait until until her birthday to give it to her.

4. Bow season started Saturday. I really want to get back into good enough shape that I can use mine. I tried to pull it back the other day and my arm put up a mighty protest.

5. I finally (!!!) managed to finish the 932 page I have been reading forever. I don't read books that long anymore, for the most part, because I only get a few minutes of reading time here and there and I like to sit down and devour a story. It's been slow at work the past few days I have worked so I have managed to get a lot of reading done.

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