Friday, November 15, 2013

7 Quick Takes # 1

I have been reading 7 Quick Takes for a really, really long time now and have always said I was going to do this on Fridays but just have never managed to get around to it. I finally decided today while reading Jennifer's quick takes to snag the template for the post and here I am. My very first quick takes.
Elizabeth and I made and decorated a cake on Thursday. The cake itself turned out really good. The decorations: Not so much. I said since it was our first time ever then perhaps we didn't do so bad but I've seen cakes on the cake wreck site that looked better than our decorated cake did. However, it's really yummy when you eat it so I won't consider it a complete failure.
My parents recently joined the 21st century and got a smart phone for my mom and they both got a texting plan and now they are texting fools. There is nothing quite as funny as getting a text from your parents after years of having to leave them voice mails every time you thought of something you needed to say. I am actually happy with this turn of events though because it has cut down on the number of voice mails she has left for me asking if I am at work and if that's why I haven't answered my phone any of the 22 times she has called in 30 minutes.
5 months after moving into our new house, we finally decided that the full sized bed we put in our room was not going to cut it and we went and bought a queen sized bed. Did you know there is only a foot of difference between a full and a queen but that it feels like so much more when one of you shifts in the middle of the night and neither of you have to cling to the side of the bed for fear of falling off. Also, if you are tall (like Chris is) and you don't like to share a blanket, king sized comforters will allow you to cover up without having your feet hanging out at the end. The more you know...
I'm at work and it's really quiet tonight which is highly unusual for a Friday. I think most people are saving their travels for Thanksgiving weekend which is just 2 short weeks away. And then Christmas which makes me cringe because I realize that I have yet to do any Christmas shopping.
On a related to Christmas shopping note, neither of my children have presented me with a list yet. I really need for them to remedy that problem because if I have to figure out what to get them, it may very well be gift cards. That sounds awful but at almost 19 and 11, they are getting really difficult to shop for.
I need book suggestions. I went to the library before work today and didn't find anything that really jumped out at me. I have a stack of books on my table beside my bed but nothing is appealing right now. I will read pretty much anything and everything. Help?
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