Wednesday, November 27, 2013

holiday cooking

My parents came by this morning and brought me a present from their recent trip to Tennessee. They got me a set of bears (the see/hear/speak no evil kind). They stayed for a bit and saw Elizabeth and we talked and they laughed over the new little dog and his exuberance for everything.

I did a lot of cooking today. So much so that I had Chris pick up KFC for dinner because the thought of cooking any more today was not one I was liking much and also because I refuse to eat the food I cooked today until tomorrow.

Pretty much everything is done minus the side stuff. I have to make the veggies tomorrow and the stuffing but that's it. The turkey and hams and pies were all done today and I made the effort to clean as I cooked so there isn't a big mess with which to deal.

Earlier tonight, I put the dogs out and the new little one got loose (cable and all) and we looked all over town for him. First we drove, then we walked and finally, we headed home. Right after we got there a truck pulled up and a couple had him in the back of it. A car had hit him on the highway and they drove around looking for where he belonged. He is favoring his right leg and resting a lot but he did eat and he's been wagging his tail. There is no where to take him until Friday because emergency vet services seem to be non existent. Chris thinks he is just sore and jumpy and we will determine what to do early Friday morning.

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