Friday, November 8, 2013

How to have an extraordinary day... (sarcasm included)

Sleep until you are ready to get up.

Make coffee and call your mama to let her know that Chris has a deer for them in the freezer.

Have her call you back 15 minutes later to ask if it's ok for them to come and get it because they want to put it up before they leave on their trip.

Look at clock to see what time it is and assume that you have enough time to get into the shower before they arrive only to find them knocking at your door after you have made it into the bathroom and undressed leading you to believe they must have called you from the end of the street.

Get dressed, run for door and hear about how they could have murdered everyone in the house in the time it took for me to get to the door and the dog wouldn't have even barked about it. (In his defense, he just saw them the other day so he knew they weren't going to murder anyone.)

Give them deer from freezer, talk with them for a few minutes. After they leave, get in the shower.

Drive to another city to go to JC Penney's because you know where all of their petite clothing for your daughter is located only to find they have rearranged the store since you were last in there approximately a week ago. -sigh-

Spend 20 minutes aimlessly searching before breaking down and asking a salesperson for help. Said salesperson then spends the remainder of your time in the store following you around and asking you if you need any more help.

Gulp over the price of a pair of jeans. Look for the hidden gold in the pockets because at that price they must have more than just fabric in them and discover there is no hidden gold.

Pay. Panic in parking lot. (Optional... The panic part, not the paying part.)

Go to get your hair cut. Spend an hour waiting worried that you may be late for work because everyone in front of you is having major stuff done.

Finally get in the stylist chair and realize that your stylist is a hair god and you won't be going to anyone but him ever again. And he gets you in and out so you aren't late for work and still have time to stop to get food before arriving.

Get to work where you were previously sold out to find you have 15 rooms to sell and there is no one moving outside at all.

*There are four rooms left now and I really wonder if we will manage to sell out tonight because I'm going an average of an hour between people coming in.*

Seriously though, this has been a really good day. I have a haircut I am loving and I found earrings that I didn't want to do without so now I have a couple of additional pairs to wear since Beth is constantly stealing my earrings. I may have to keep these under lock and key.

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