Monday, November 18, 2013

Irritating to me at the moment

The never ending news coverage about the failure that is "Obamacare."  The news shows keep parading people out who are losing their subpar, expensive coverage and want to whine without actually looking at what is available on the exchange. And ok, so the exchange website is not working as well as it should or could but they are working on it and for goodness sakes, nothing the government does is ever smooth in the beginning. The news shows are only presenting one side of the story and have yet to re-invite a guest who has found out that the Affordable Care Act is actually going to benefit them (and yes, there are quite a few of them.) Also, insurance companies cancelling policies and blaming the ACA. Insurance companies routinely cancel policies to get people moved into higher priced/higher deductible policies and now it's news? The insurance companies are basically doing what they have always done to protect their bottom line; now, they just have a handy scapegoat. If the Republican party would invest some time and energy in making this a success, the entire Congress could go down in history as having done something worthwhile and good for future generations. It seems as if being adults and actually working together to solve problems is something this Congress is incapable of doing and I find that to be really sad.

I will remove myself from my soapbox now and go back to my corner.

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