Monday, November 25, 2013

Isn't this just lovely? (sarcasm)

Over the past few weeks, the local middle school has been having a doughnut sale. They took preorders which were due on Friday the 22nd and the doughnuts were delivered to the school today. I went to pick up the doughnuts that everyone had ordered from Elizabeth and brought them home to be delivered which she did after getting out of school yesterday afternoon.

So imagine my surprise when Nick texts me to tell me that there was a doughnut snafu. When Elizabeth did her rounds selling doughnuts, she took her friend Nicki with her and she added Nicki's name to the order form. Somehow the school got confused and, in addition to the boxes of doughnuts I picked up that were already paid for complete with receipt , they also sent Nicki home with the same amount of doughnuts even though Nicki had not turned in an order form or any money. And here's where it gets sticky (pun seriously not intended): Nicki's mom tells Elizabeth that this mixup is Elizabeth's fault so Elizabeth either needs to pay for all the doughnuts or take them back to school herself. On the school bus.

Cue my immense and total outrage. None of it was Elizabeth's fault. Her and Nicki were both listed on the order form because Elizabeth didn't think it was fair for just herself to get credit for the sales when Nicki was present with her for some of them. The school erred in not paying attention to the fact that the amount of money turned in equaled what was on the actual form and should never have given them both the same amount of doughnuts to bring home. Nicki's mom should not have accepted the delivery since she had to pick up Nicki and Ryan from the school toting the doughnuts. And she surely should not have blamed MY child for the mixup and insisted that Elizabeth was responsible for paying or for returning the blasted doughnuts.

I refrained from saying anything overly inflammatory though I really could have told this woman a thing or three about herself.

This is why I really dislike school fundraisers and the participation of my children in them. We have never had a good experience.

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